Header & Footer


All Clarivate DRG products should have a similar header consisting of the logo and product name, global navigation and product specific navigation.

Standard Items

The top part of the header must be the same on all products. It includes:

  • The Clarivate | DRG logo in the top left corner
  • The product name next to the logo – these should always be written out and not acronyms
  • Links to DRG website and contact pages
  • A link to ‘My Products’ for the user to see other products they have access to
  • A dropdown for the user to update their profile, edit their password and logout

Product Specific Items

The navigation bar also contains any menus or search boxes that are specific to product. This bar will obviously vary from product to product, but a few examples have been included below.

Use the classes nav-left and nav-right to align the items to either the left and right.

Non-Product Pages

For pages that are shared across multiple products – such as login, contact us, edit profile – you can use the large version of the logo.

Simply add the class drg-logo-big to the logo.


All Clarivate DRG products should have the same footer at the bottom of the page that contains our standard copyright information as well as links to our privacy policy and terms of use.

The footer should stretch to the full width of the page with the current year and copyright information on the left side and the links on the right side. See the positioning on the page hierarchy.