DRG Primary Colors


DRG Purple

R115 G40 B118

As well as the logo, DRG Purple is used in our products as a highlight color to show users what section they are in and the selections they have made.


DRG Green

R21 G168 B75

DRG Green is used in the logo, but is not commonly used anywhere else within our products.


DRG Grey

R 109 G 110 B113

DRG Grey is used within out products for text within the header and navigation.

Secondary Colors


Steel Blue

R65 G138 B201

Steel Blue is used for all hyperlinks within text content. The hover colour for icons is #2a6496.


Grass Green

R150 G201 B61

Grass Green is used as the primary action color throughout our products – buttons, call-to-actions, etc.


Deep Yellow

R241 G175 B33

Deep Yellow is used for warning messages.


Coral Red

R244 G124 B108

Coral Red is used for error messages, form validation and delete buttons.

Other Interface Colors


Really Dark Grey

R68 G68 B68

Really Dark Grey is used for body text.


Dark Grey

R102 G 102 B 102

Dark Grey is used for the hover color of icons.


Darkish Grey

R153 G153 B153

Darkish Grey is used as the color of icons.


Lightish Grey

R204 G204 B 204

Lightish Grey is used as the border color for buttons and for dividing lines.


Light Grey

R229 G229 B229

Light Grey is used as the background colour. It is also used for dividing lines inside the white panels.


Really Light Grey

R245 G 245 B 245

Really Light Grey is as an alternative background color if a distinction is need between white panels.



R255 G255 B255

White is used as the background color on content panels and navigation bar.